We can achieve!

We cover a wide range of accounting activities.

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:
  • FD-level strategic advice on direction of the business
  • build financial plans
  • scope underlying financial and business models that accelerate growth
  • due diligence for acquisitions
  • review and improve internal financial processes
  • system implementation/design
  • budgeting and cash-flow forecast
  • recruiting and training the finance team
  • Preparation for next stage of growth
  • bank applications, funding applications
  • monthly management accounts & advice
  • attend board meetings to bring financial input
  • tax planning
  • R&D claims
Our services
  1. Silver package: - Ongoing support for start-ups and small businesses - includes quarterly financial and strategic review plus accounting compliance:

    The Silver package offers accessible financial advisory support for start-ups and small businesses, helping them get a foothold in the market.  The quarterly financial and strategic reviews allow businesses to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and adjust strategies accordingly.  Businesses benefit from assistance with accounting compliance, ensuring they stay on the right side of regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

  2. Gold package: - Ongoing support for small businesses looking to grow - in addition to the Silver package, this includes monthly finance health check, management reports and annual planning.

    Monthly finance health checks provide businesses with more timely insights into their financial performance and allow for quicker decision-making.  The inclusion of management reports offers a deeper understanding of key metrics, enabling businesses to make informed strategic choices.  Annual planning sessions provide a structured approach to setting goals, allocating resources, and preparing for growth. 

  3. Platinum package: - Ongoing partnership for ambitious businesses ready to scale up - in addition to the Gold package this includes strategic direction, attendance at board meetings and mentoring staff and management team.

    The Platinum package offers a comprehensive solution by combining financial insights with strategic direction, board meeting attendance, and mentoring. The strategic direction component helps businesses align their growth plans with market trends, ensuring sustainable expansion. Attending board meetings enhances collaboration between the business and its advisors, fostering better decision-making.

  4. Working session for a specific project:
    • Investment decisions
    • system implementation
    • acquisition due diligence